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The Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund welcomes support from individuals and corporations.

You can assist the Fund in the following ways:
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  • Corporate companies are invited to help the Fund by extending an opportunity for their employees to contribute to the Fund through its Standing Order Programme. The Fund operates a programme through which corporations can match the contributions made by their employees via standing order from their monthly salary. The Fund will make a presentation to employees, requesting them to consider a contribution each month for a period of 24 months, to the Fund. While any amount is appreciated, a gift of $5 - $250 per month for 24 months via standing order payroll deduction is suggested. Cayman National Bank waives all fees associated with the Standing Order programme.
  • Corporate companies are also asked to remind their clients eligible for tax benefits in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada of the National Recovery Fund’s tax-exempt status and the importance of the Fund’s efforts.
  • Consider the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund when drawing up wills or establishing Special Purpose Vehicles for your clients.
  • The Fund will work with companies to maximise the publicity and exposure for their support and will work with them to get employees involved.
  • Companies and community groups may also organise special fund-raising events, with proceeds donated to the Fund.


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Donate your time to CINRF projects, such as:

  • Administrative support
  • Fundraising
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